Super Absorbent PolymersSuper Absorbent Polymers


Superabsorbents designed for agriculture and water conservation in soil.


AgSAPThe AgSAP™ product is a co-polymer of acrylic acid & acrylamide that is Potassium neutralized and is ideally suited for soil amendment applications.  It is designed to improve the water and nutrient retention of soils.  By applying AgSAP™ to the soil the frequency of irrigation as well as the leaching of valuable nutrients is reduced.

  • Highest available water absorbency under soil pressure
  • Highest gel strength and stability in the presence of fertilizers and soluble salts
  • Life span of up to 5 years in soil
  • Potassium based polymer (versus Sodium polymer)

AgSAP™ increases the number of days between irrigations and thereby reduces watering by 50%

AgSAP™ will remain in the soil ready to capture water on the next irrigation

THREE Particle Sizes Available:

  • Small Granulation (Type S) - 100 - 800 µm
  • Medium Granulation (Type M) 800 - 1500 µm
  • Large Granulation (Type L) - 2 - 4 mm

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