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Waste Lock® Oil Absorbents

The absorption and stabilization of oils and organic fluid wastes is complicated by the wide variety of viscosities, KB-Values and molecular weights found in these types of wastes.  There really is no “One Size Fits All” oil absorbent product.

The chemical properties of a disparate range from gasoline/diesel fuel to a myriads of oils to chlorinated hydrocarbons each present unique challenges.

Also, the downstream demands – incineration versus landfill – affect the choice of oil absorbents to be used.

For this reason, M² Polymer Technologies offers several alternatives:

Waste Lock® OrganoLock N-65

  • Proprietary Block Co-Polymer
  • Highly effective at encapsulating high KB-Value organic solvents and low viscosity oils.
  • High absorbency ratios with liquids such as kerosene, diesel fuel, benzene and chlorinated solvents.
  • Wastes treated pass EPA 9095 (Paint Filter Test)
  • Many wastes will pass TCLP

Free Swell Absorbency Tests are as follows:

  • (Weight basis, gram-to-gram absorbency ratio)
  • Diesel Fuel 9 – 11 X
  • Gasoline 5 – 7 X
  • Mineral Oil USP 5 – 8 X
  • Kerosene 9 – 11 X
  • Trichloroethylene (TCE) 6 – 8 X
  • Benzene 9 – 11 X

Waste Lock® TOTALSORB™

TOTALSORB™ is a universal granular material that absorbs large quantities of water, oil and organic wastes such as gasoline, diesel fuel and chlorinated hydrocarbons.  Also effective on strong acids and alkaline wastes.

Product Attributes:

  • Significantly more absorbent than clays and other mineral absorbents.
  • Non-Biodegradable material (40 CFR 264.314 (e)(ii))
  • When Used Properly, Wastes Will Pass Paint Filter Test (EPA 9095).

Absorbency Performance:


3 -4 X

(± 2.5 lbs to absorb 1 gallon)

USP Mineral Oil

2.5 – 3.5 X

(± 2.5 lbs to absorb 1 gallon)

10W30 Motor Oil

2.5 – 3.5 X

(± 2.5 lbs to absorb 1 gallon)

* Absorbency Factor is the amount of absorbent required to absorb one pound of liquid.


Available in bulk supersacks and 4 cu. foot bags (27-30 lbs each)

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Waste Lock® Solid-A-Sorb™

Absorbent Comparison Chart
SOLID-A-SORB™ 25 Pound Bag


Oil Absorption % by Weight

No. of Quarts Absorbed per Bag

No. of Quarts/Products to Absorb 1 Quart of Oil

No. of Bags per Shipment





1680 or 1760

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Technical Data Sheets

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