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How do superabsorbent polymers work?

Waste Lock Superabsorbent Polymers

Water molecules are drawn into the network across a diffusion gradient - formed by the Sodium neutralization of the polymer backbone. The polymer chains want to straighten but cannot due to the cross-linking. Thus, the particles expand as water moves into the network.

The water is held tightly in the network by Hydrogen-bonding.

Superabsorbent Polymer Network:

Waste Lock Superabsorbent Polymers

Another benefit of these polymers – when dealing with waste containing metals – is the polycarboxylate (-COOH, -COONa) nature of the polymers. This –COOH group has a very high ion exchange capacity for soluble metal cations. Many wastes containing RCRA metals will pass TCLP after solidification with Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Polymers.

Superabsorbent Polymer is being used at many sites to solidify waste so that it passes Paint Filter Test (EPA 9095). The polymer will absorb many times it weight in water with less than 1% increase in waste volume. By avoiding an increase in the waste volume, significant savings can results with fewer loads to ship and fewer yards of landfill disposal fees.

Our product is included on the Hanford (WA) approved sorbent list and The Nevada Test Site, EnviroCare of Utah, WCS of Texas and many State landfills have all accepted wastes solidified with our product.

How do superabsorbent polymers work?

After Two Minutes...

How do superabsorbent polymers work?

Rapid Solidification!

The advantages of Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Polymers over mineral or plant-based absorbents include:

• Faster cure time
• Elimination of dust problems
• Little or no increase in waste volume
• Less yards or tons = Lower landfill fees
• Fewer loads to ship = Lower transport costs
• Exchanges and retains soluble (Heavy) metals to pass TCLP
• Non-reactive. Will not generate exothermic reaction like lime.

The Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Polymer is available as a granular material (shown above) or imbedded in a polyester cloth laminate and sold as rolls.

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Usage Tips for Waste Lock Superabsorbent Polymers