Super Absorbent PolymersSuper Absorbent Polymers


By the way, I am so impressed with Phosclear!

We've tried many products that claim to control algae, but they had no affect on our pond.  And algaecide was never an option because we keep Koi.

(Our specs:  We have a 14,000 gallon pond, depth ranges from 2' on the shallow side to 4' at the deepest part, and completely exposed to the sun.)

Phosclear is the only product that actually worked.

I just happened to notice it one day in the Aquatic Eco-Systems catalog, so we decided to give it a try.
This stuff is AMAZING!  I am surprised that the various Koi sites aren't talking more about it. 
Do you plan to market Phosclear on the various Koi and pond sites? 

Thanks again,


I called you a couple of months back.  You took the time to talk to me about my 18,000 gallons of pea soup pond.  I bought the five gallon bucket and three applications later the pond was crystal clear.  Every application made a visible difference, after the last one the pond has remained clear.  Nice to get something that exceeds your expectations.  Hopefully I won't need any till summer returns.  If your thinking of discontinuing this product, email me so I can get more just in case I'll need it again.

PS.. I'm in Southern California, pond in almost full sun.

The Phosclear worked great in my small  90,000 gal Koi pond. The water was like coco and within 2-3 hours you could see bottom in 2-3 feet of water. The suspended clay was finally gone!    The Koi were feeding 4 hours later and it was great to watch them in crystal clear water!   I will be ordering more for my 1.5 million gallon pond when we finish the final grade, seeding, and have vegetation around it!

Thank you,

Chris M