Super Absorbent PolymersSuper Absorbent Polymers

Waste Lock® PAM

Product Attributes:

These forms of the well-known Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Polymers are a co-polymer blend of Acrylate and Acrylamide.  They are designed to withstand highly salty (ionic) conditions better than many acrylate homo-polymer Super Absorbents.

  1. Available in two granular sizes (Small or Medium PSD) for different rates of absorption.
  2. Freeze-Thaw Tested.  The Polymer Will Not Release Free Liquids.
  3. Polymer Will Excellently Absorb Aqueous Wastes of pH > 4.  For Highly Acidic Wastes, Neutralization (pH Adjustment) Is Recommended.

Typical Absorbency Properties:

  • In 1% NaCl: 55 - 60 grams / gram
  • In 2 % CaCl2: 20 – 25 grams / gram

Particle Size Distributions:

  • Small Granulation (Type S): 200 – 800 µm
  • Medium Granulation (Type M): 800 – 1500 µm

Technical Data Sheets

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