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Artificial Snow Artificial Snow

Looks like real snow! When added to water, the polymer expands like real snow crystals!  Safe & nontoxic.

This is acrylic polymer - like the product found in baby diapers - but a special cross-linking system in the molecule causes it to expand and expand!

The product will slowly dry out with evaporation but can be renewed with mist from a sprayer bottle of water.

A ONE-POUND bag makes 12 gallons of snow!

Note: Gallons & square foot coverage are approximates and will vary depending on the hardness of the water used to create the Snow Polymer. For further information, visit our other website

Instructions: Add 1 tablespoon of Snow SAP to a bowl and then add 8 oz of tap water (warm water works faster than cold).

Artificial Snow
Artificial Snow

Video Demonstration of Artificial Snow

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