Super Absorbent PolymersSuper Absorbent Polymers

Cool Ties and Water Crystals

Cool Tie Super Absorbent Polymer:

These large grain Super Absorbent Polymer water absorbing crystals hold about 400-times their weight in water and can be sewn into cool ties, headband and cooling vests.  The AgSAP™ Water Crystals are available in three sizes (S=Small, M=Medium and L=Large).

  • Type S = 200 to 800 microns
  • Type M = 800 to 2000 microns (or 2 mm)
  • Type L = 2 to 4 millimeters

BEAT THE HEAT & CHILL OUT with an attractive Cool Tie Scarf!

These scarves are an easy, fast project made from readily available materials. They make great gifts, school projects and give-aways. Let your imagination and creativity run wild with fabric patterns and colors!

The AgSAP™ Water Crystals are nontoxic polyacrylamide granules of super absorbent polymer available from M² Polymer Technologies ( These same water absorbing crystals are used to conserve water and nurture plants in arid conditions. They are concealed in the casing of a cotton neck scarf. When the scarf is soaked in water, the crystals absorb the water, expand, and turn into a crystalline gel. The cotton fabric absorbs water from the gel, and then the water slowly evaporates for a cooling effect. Scarves stay cool and moist for hours due to the polymer’s water-retaining properties and the slower evaporation rate than plain water alone.

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