Super Absorbent PolymersSuper Absorbent Polymers

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We offer the widest assortment of superabsorbent materials available on-line plus a full range of sorbent solutions for every sort of liquid.

Aqueous Waste Absorbents

Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Polymer (Granular Forms, Several Different Chemistries)
Waste Lock® Super Absorbent Laminated Rolls
Waste Lock® Super Absorbent Socks & Booms & Pads
OASIS® Superabsorbent Fibers
Novelty Superabsorbents  (Spheres, Cubes, Fake Snow)

Oil / Hydrocarbon Sorbents

TOTALSORB™  for oils & hydrocarbons
TOTALSORB™ Plus  for oils & water combinations
OrganoLock™ N-65  (A Proprietary Polymeric Hydrocarbon Sorbent)

Heavy Metal / Mercury & PCB Removal Treatments

PCB Removal Treatments  (Less-Than-Ten™ & Pipe-X-Metal-X)
Heavy Metal Cleaning Solution (HMCS-101)
Mercury Cleaning Solution (HgCS-102)

Molecular Bonding System™ (MBS) a patented fixative treatment for all RCRA Heavy Metals as well as others such as Copper, Zinc and Uranium

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