Super Absorbent PolymersSuper Absorbent Polymers

Radioactive Waste Management

The use of a superabsorbent polymer, such as Waste Lock® 770, in radioactive waste management is a cost effective way to stabilize liquid waste without significantly increasing the waste volume or weight.  Because these radioactive waste streams are extremely costly to transport and dispose of, even a small increase in weight or volume can dramatically increase the cost.

Although these polymers are significantly more expensive than “cheap” absorbents such as Bentonite clay or Portland cement, project savings are realized by waste minimization.

Depending on the percent water in the waste, most mineral absorbents will double or quadruple the volume of waste…. One B25 box or 55-gallon drums then becomes two or even four!

The following illustrates the potential savings from using Waste Lock®770:

One Cubic Yard of Waste
50% Water/50% Solids
Bulk Density = 2200 lbs/yd³



Waste Lock®770

Absorbent Needed for One Yard

1000 lbs

25 lbs

Absorbent Unit Cost



Total Absorbent Cost



Est. Disposal Cost per Yard³



Absorbed Waste to Dispose

2.5 yds³

1.0 yds³

Total Cost (inc. Absorbent) 






Savings from use of Waste Lock®770

$1460.50 per cubic yard