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Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Socks

M² Polymer Technologies can offer  several styles of high-performance superabsorbent socks to meet nearly any need and any technical specification.  Beside the traditional "Sausage Style" sock, we offer two, unique design alternatives -- The "Skinny Sock" and the "Teabag".

We produce these products at a facility in Washington State and have shipped these products across the USA and internationally.  All product are made on a custom basis to meet specific customer needs for performance and cost.

We blend various types of fibers with the granular Waste Lock® 770 superabsorbent polymer to achieve very high absorbencies -- up to two gallons of water per linear foot!

Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Socks

Sausage Style Socks

We produce these on a customer basis in a wide variety of lengths and diameters.  Some products require ropes on the ends.  Our most popular style is an 8 foot sock that is 5" in diameter and absorbs one-gallon per linear foot -- 8 gallons over its entire length!

Skinny Socks

The "Skinny Sock" is a unique innovative from M² Polymer Technologies.   It offers much of the heft of a conventional sausage sock but in a compact form that allows more units to be packaged per case and per pallet.

Waste Lock®  Superabsorbent Teabags

This radically innovative product designed and offered by M² Polymer Technologies uses a heavy duty, laminated, melt blown polypropylene roll as the outer "skin" that is folded in half and sewn with several pockets holding the granular Waste Lock® 770 superabsorbent polymer.  Our most popular size a eight feet long and absorbs 10-12 gallons of water.  When fully swollen, the "Teabag" looks like a big gray snake and weighs over 80 lbs!!!

Before Soaking

Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Socks

After Soaking

Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Socks

Swollen Pocket Segments

Waste Lock® Superabsorbent Socks

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